Get Motivated For Sales in the New Year


In the sales industry, people naturally strive to want to say that they are on the top and are the best at what they do. However, once in a while, people may sway off the course and start to get unmotivated. Follow these tips to stay focused and end 2013 the right way!

-If you’re leading a sales team, create some sort of incentive that your team members would want to attain. Create a program that not only rewards those who do the best, but is also accessible to those who may not do as well to keep them from giving up. Don’t think of it as bribing; see it more as rewarding those who work the hardest, and motivating others to want the same.

-Leave work at the office when you go home but work harder while you are there. One of the biggest mistakes you can do in sales your work on your mind even when you’re not working. Enjoy your time not at the office, and then work even harder when you get back. This way, you’ll be refreshed when you start working again while also being more relaxed when you’re not working.

-Avoid those who are negative about work. You’ll probably run into people who love to complain about how much they dislike sales.  Don’t let it get to you or you’re just going to want to join in. Sure, sometimes work can be tough or not be going the way you hoped, but that should be an even more driving force to strive for it to get better

-Don’t get distracted. Stay off of social media as much as you can when you’re at work. It’s nothing more than a time waster, and can get you unfocused on whatever you’re working.

-Build strong personal goals. Give yourself consequences and rewards. Tell everyone you know about the goals so you can be accountable for not reaching it. It will make the goal even more real and not something you can push back. This is the perfect way to stay determined.

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