The Anatomy of a Cover Letter

KMG Consultants Cover LetterKMG Consultants is a sales and business consulting firm based out of Southfield, MI.
If the resume is an outline of a professional career, a cover letter should tell the story. To make it stand out, it should flow so well that it would be hard to put down. Creating an awesome cover letter doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. By understanding all the parts of a successful cover letter, you will be one step closer to nailing the job you’ve always wanted.


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Quick Moves to Pump You Up During Office Hours

KMG Consultants StretchKMG Consultants is familiar with the middle of winter being harsh time for spending hours in the office. Especially with the weather and the shorter days, it can be tough to be on top of your game at all times. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself from dozing off in the office so you can spend more time working.

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3 Smart Questions To Convince Sales Leads

KMG Consultants Sales Leads
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KMG Consultants is a sales firm located in Southfield, MI, specializing in account acquisition and customer retention.

Convincing a sales lead and closing are tough for any salesperson. Knowing what to do and what questions to ask can help tremendously. Here are 3 great questions to ask the client to make sure you’re meeting their needs.

What would be the one thing that would improve your business right now?

Most clients know exactly what changes they want for their business. Maybe they aren’t moving enough product, or a component is missing that could improve the company. If your service or product fits that category of a missing piece, stress that it can create exceptional improvement. Salespeople get caught up in trying to explain all of the great things about their product or service. Instead, make everything about the customer. What needs to be changed? What do you expect to achieve? Whatever is important to you may not be important to them.

What do your customers love about your business?

Make the sales lead think about why their business is successful. If they can name a reason, talk about how whatever you are selling will compliment it. Help them do the heavy lifting; customers don’t buy because of product details, they buy because they see the benefits right away. They say that the customer is always right; and this is true. Assist them to understand that the seller is too. Emphasize what is unique about what you’re selling

Can you afford to keep the status quo?

If a client is unsure about accepting the sale, make them understand the affect it will have if they say no. Ask them if they can succeed without it. If they ponder it, then you know it worked. When selling, you should be able to convince your prospect that your service is not just wanted, its necessary. By doing this, a lead will be convinced. Make them see that buying today is the smart move; they never know if the competition may swoop in and take your offer. Make a point of convincing the client that they will lose something that will benefit them if they say no to this sale.

Successful selling is not just what you want to accomplish. It’s about pleasing the needs of your clients and their customers. Building a sincere mode of service will increase sales and develop client loyalty that you can come back to.

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Recruit The Perfect Sales Team

KMG Consultants
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At KMG Consultants, we realize that potential employees no longer only care about money when it comes to looking for a job. Other benefits, such as flexible scheduling, medical and dental benefits, or even a friendly manager are all factors when it comes to accepting an offer letter. To attract the kind of employees you want, it requires a positive employment brand.

The main employment goal for a business should be to attract employees that love your company, and show them why they want to work there. At the same time, it is important that you hire salespeople that will contribute to your team in a positive way. Look to these tips when looking for new prospects to join your sales team.

1. Identify Whom Exactly You’re Looking For: What skills or experience are particularly eye-catching? Use this template to judge any candidates that are worthy of your time. Also, make the profile realistic, but still able to find a match. There’s nothing wrong with demanding excellence.

2. Offer Completive Salary: Face it; this is what an employee is really looking for. In order to secure the best talent, you’re going to have to be willing to shell out a few dollars. This will also make the position competitive, and allow you to be pickier with selecting the right candidate. Think of it as an investment for the best person you can hire.

3. Make A Killer Ad: Making it known that you are looking to hire is a big step, one that can be done through advertising. The advertisement needs to stand out among other ads to convey that your company is credible and where an ideal candidate would want to work. Treat it exactly like a sales pitch, but instead of a customer, it’s a new hire. Write it with an applicant in mind.

4. Utilize Recruitment Outlets: Look to outside hiring done by recruitment firms. These places will do the work of finding a great candidate for you. After that, it is up to you to make the right decision. There are many different ways to get the message out that you’re looking for good sales people.

5. Consider In-House Promotions: If you hire within and promote employees that are doing well, it will boost morale around the office and show employees that you value their hard work. This will lead to more awareness of long-term goals for the company, and your employees will trust that you are leading them toward future success.

6. Search Thoroughly: Don’t just hire the first person you interview. Take your time to comb through the prospective candidate. It may be straining, but hiring the right person is much better than hiring someone you’re going to let go in a few months.

Utilizing these tips can help build an outstanding sales team. Good luck from KMG Consultants!