KMG Consultants Is Hiring! Do You Have What It Takes?

KMG Consultants Hiring
KMG Consultants Crew

As a sales and business consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 companies for customer retention, there’s no doubt that KMG Consultants need to have the best team possible. Currently, we are looking to fill a few positions that will make our team stronger and more personal. We seek employees that have vision and a desire to develop their business skills for continuing success.

Full Time Account Manager – Entry Level

This position calls for an individual that is internally motivated and success-driven with a no-excuses mentality. This is an entry-level position that will be trained by our best staff. Communication skills in both written and verbal areas are required. The main thing that will be forced on is a desire to develop oneself, and one day be able to take a role in leadership of the company. If you think you are ready to delve into the business and sales world, then this position is a great place to start.

Sales & Customer Service Business Consultant – Entry Level

KMG Consultants is looking to hire an entry-level position for an individual with a customer service and sales background. Our company focuses on face-to-face interaction with customers, so we are looking for candidates that have experience in restaurant, hospitality or retail environments. We are willing to train people for management and customer service opportunities but they must be willing to work hard. This opening is ideal for recent graduates looking for a career in a brand new industry. Candidates with interest in customer relations, satisfaction, and acquisition should apply.

Outside Sales Representative – Experienced

If you are a motivated professional looking to fill challenging sale quotas, than KMG Consultants may want you for this position. We are currently seeking a person in the Detroit-Metro area with previous sales experience. We hold integrity, loyalty, and interpersonal communications skills valuable in seeking a candidate for this position. We will offer full training and benefit packages, as well as career advancement in the near future.


Best Traits to Look for When Hiring a Sales Team

KMG Consultants Sales TeamIn order to build a strong sales team, there are a few things to look for in people. KMG Consultants prides itself in its system of finding the perfect sales team. By being able to point out some outstanding traits, building a great sales team can be easier than you think.

Surviving Difficult Challenges

KMG Consultants Challenge
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KMG Consultants is a sales and business consulting firm located in Southfield, MI.

Life is difficult and no one will deny it, but that doesn’t mean things are hopeless. No matter how dedicated you are to success and how much you plan ahead, some things may come up and make life miserable for you. From professional to personal challenges, it won’t do any good to not have a positive outlook. It all comes down to changing the way you perceive trials you come across; with the right mind, any challenge can be overcome.