Common Myths About Sales

KMG Consultants Sales Myths
Flickr CC via Kompania Piwowarska

KMG Consultants is a sales and business consulting firm based in Southfield, MI.

Choosing sales as a career come many pre-thought notions. Myths about sales are prevalent, and usually they associate sales with negativity. Working as a salesperson has many benefits to professional and personal lives. There are tons of new things to learn by becoming a salesperson.. Here are three commons myths about sales that don’t have much merit.

“Sales is a game of numbers.”

Everyone wants to make money with solid numbers, but statistics are never the whole story of a business. It doesn’t matter how many calls you make, how many prospects you talk to, or how much email outreach you do a day. What should be important is the quality of service that your company offers. Sales are built around goals that salespeople make and try to meet through hard work and effort. As long as a winning strategy is used, and the most effort from the whole team, then the numbers will fall into place on their own.

“Previous experience in sales is required for a job.”

Any kind of professional experience will always be valuable when entering into a new job. However, being newly introduced into the sales industry can be an added bonus for management as well. Knowledge of sales takes away a lot of the learning curve and could affect the way you learn to get used to the new role and company. You could also bring along pre-conceived notions that your company does not follow. Experience and no experience at all have their benefits. Research the job title you are fulfilling to see if it is suitable for your experience level.

“Sales has an expiration date as a career.”

Many of the company managers and entrepreneurs in America once worked in the sales industry. They did everything that people in lower-tier positions have to do to rise up: cold calls, product demonstrations, and rejection. Sales is far from a dead-end career. Many firms, including KMG Consultants, hire from within, hoping that a new hire will one day be trained into a management role. The opportunities that a sales career can give you are not limited, and although its widely assumed that they don’t, they can lead you to higher places in a career.

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