Handling Performance Reviews

KMG Consultants Performance Review

No one ever looks forward to performance reviews. People get anxious hearing someone tell them what they did right and wrong. A performance review can give you a lot of insight on things you do well, and things you can work on. Try not to dread them; a performance review can give you insight on how you do at work that you’ve never noticed before.

As you walk into your boss’s office, be confident. Never sweat that your boss is out to get you. They have a genuine interest in how you are doing; if you succeed, they do too. It’s important to remember that you should never argue against a point that you manager makes. This isn’t a courtroom; it’s about your role and how your have done in the boss’s eyes. They want to help you, not just criticize you. After the review, you should have a clear picture of how you did the last year, and what you’re expected to do going forward.

People get anxiety from having a bad performance review. View it as a warning that you aren’t living up to expectations, but this isn’t the end. Make an effort to clear the air with your boss and let them know that you’re serious about improving. Get some direction from them on how you can do better. Constructive feedback from your boss as well as your peers will ensure you never get another bad performance review again. Finally, set a plan that you can follow to make sure your next performance is up to snub. There’s nothing better than seeing someone take the initiative to improve for the better.

For managers, performance reviews can become tedious if you schedule them right after one another. Space them out to avoid being burnt out. Beginning each session with the employee’s past goals will set the tone that you are only reviewing what they have promised to do. If they don’t have goals, make it clear that they need to make some. It wouldn’t hurt either to get some feedback on how your management style is working. If an employee is doing great, always provide something they can work on to become even better. This isn’t just a place to say they’re doing everything right; it’s a moment to open their eyes to see how to be the best.

Ability and motivation is key to performance in our professional lives. A performance review provides a moment for managers and their employees to be in full communication. Give hour performance your best effort, and if you get negative performance review, make an effort to enhance it. With this in mind, a performance review will never give you a worry.

KMG Consultants is a business consulting and sales firm, dedicated to clients’ satisfaction. For more information regarding KMG Consultants, check out their Pinterest page.

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