Worst Mistakes Salespeople Make

KMG Consultants Sales Mistakes
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Salespeople are meant to be professional and attentive when it comes to dealing with clients. However, many salespeople are not perfect, and their mistakes can reflect poorly on the company. These are common mistakes that KMG Consultants have seen salespeople make and can be fixed with the right type of preparation and effort.

Making Excuses

No matter how bad potential sale went, a salesperson should never blame the customer, the boss, or some inconvenient circumstance. A salesperson owns up to their mistakes, and is ready to fix them. They also must be willing to learn and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Your manager and clients will respect you if you’re honest, so never make excuses to make yourself look good. Salespeople at KMG Consultants earn their way to the top, and making excuses will only hold them back.

Ignoring the Customer’s Best Interests

The sales world is a competitive landscape, and everyone wants to come out on top. However, there are a few instances that helping your customer get what they need requires you recommending the competition. It may be tough to do, but recommending a competitor can build trust with a client. A client will hold you in high esteem if they know that you are always looking for their best interest. Although it may not be ideal at first, that client may come back later for a bigger order if they know that you are trustworthy and sincere.

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Damaging Trust

Stick to any commitments you make, and if for some reason you cant, warn the client ahead of time and fast. Sales reps should treat a trusting relationship like a glass vase that must be protected at all times. Creating trust in a client and salesperson relationship is key to keep the business coming. Never show the client that you’re not looking in their best interest. Damaging trust can be costly to sales, so do your best to avoid it.

Sleeping on Prospecting

You can have the best clients in the world, but relying too much on their business can be bad news. Consistently look for new business opportunities and keep a steady flow of prospects. If you are not confident in your prospecting skills, find ways to improve so that your sales skills can benefit as well as the company’s stake in you. There will always be potential customers out there that need what you have to offer.

Being Unprepared

Every action a salesperson does should be planned a head of time. A sales call or a meeting with a client requires thoughtful planning and execution. Not having a solid plan can mean bad things for a sale. Resist the temptation to just “wing it.” Always have a plan for anything unexpected, and be on the tips of your toes whenever something unexpected occurs.

Talking Instead of Listening

Salespeople are notorious for wanting to talk at all time when they are with a client. They are only focused on swaying the customer toward buying. However, this is not the right course of action. Let your customer do all the talking. They will tell you everything you need to know, and you in turn will be able to fill their needs. You’re role as a salesperson is to please your customer, and the only way to do this is to listen more than talk.

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