3 Companies with Model Business Practices

Flickr CC via slimmer_jimmer

We are KMG Consultants, a business consulting and sales office based in Southfield, MI.

Often, the businesses people love have more than just great products or services—they also have great business practices. From donating to nonprofits to treating their employees exceptionally well – customers always like supporting an ethical company. Here are a few of the world’s most popular companies with model business practices:


Google lives by its motto, “Don’t be evil.” The company has donated over $1 billion to renewable energy projects and has decreased its own carbon footprint by using energy efficient buildings and public transportation. Google also offers great benefits to its employees – including free health care from on-site doctors, free legal advice, free childcare, and free food.

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Founded by Bill Gates, one of the most charitable philanthropists today, it’s no wonder Microsoft has stellar business practices. Every year, Microsoft and its employees donate over $1 billion to various charities and nonprofits. The company also created the TEALS program, which encourages employees to volunteer at local schools to get more kids interested in technology and computer science.


Ikea just announced that it will be adjusting its minimum pay to reflect the living wage of every city. Using the MIT Wage Living Calculator, all employees will be getting a raise adjusted to the living wage of his or her city. Instead of waiting for the federal minimum wage to be raised, Ikea is taking the problem into its own hands, showing employees just how much it values them. Not only will employees be making a livable wage, but they are also given 401K matching, and a loyalty program that makes contributions into a retirement fund.

Happy and healthy employees are good employees – and that is what these three companies understand! Paying employees a living wage, providing healthcare, giving them the opportunity to give back to the community, and more, are all great things that make these companies models to look up to.

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