How to Build Trust With Clients

Flickr CC via GVAHIM

It’s important to build trust with new clients and continue to build it with current ones. If a client doesn’t trust that your business if going to fulfill its promises, there are other places they can take their business instead. Here are a few tips from KMG Consultants on how to gain and keep your client’s trust:

Only Sell What They Truly Need

You may receive more commission on the “gold package,” but if youent truly doesn’t need it, why sell it to them? They will be happier in the long run if a product or service they actually need is sold to them, and they aren’t taken advantage of. If you really don’t have what they need, be honest with them. They may not buy something from you, but they will have a positive impression that they will share with others, and will be more likely to return in the future.

Don’t Exaggerate or Misrepresent Features

Give your clients the whole truth, and let them decide what solution will work for them. Honesty and communication are such important factors in relationship building; your clients will value your authenticity if you practice honesty.

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Keep Pricing Consistent

Say a client hears that another sales representative gave their friend a better deal – this will most likely kill the relationship and the account if discrepancy is ever discovered. Always keep pricing consistent to avoid these sorts of situations.

Don’t Speak Ill of the Competition

Be sure to make the distinction between facts (“Several of that company’s products stopped working for clients”) and badmouthing (“That company’s products are the worst!”). Stating legitimate facts about the competition is fine, but it is never good to badmouth them. Clients like nice people, and you’ll get further ahead by remaining professional at all times.

Don’t Withhold Bad News

It is never fun to share bad news, but isn’t it better your client finds out right away from you than later from someone else? Withholding bad news is just like being dishonest; once that level of trust is broken, it can be hard to earn it back.

Keep Your Promises

This piece of advice is the most important thing on the entire list – keep your promises. For example, if you aren’t positive that the product can get to your client by a certain time, don’t promise that it will. Breaking a promise is the easiest way to lose a client’s trust.

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