How to Prepare for a Business Presentation

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Preparing for business presentations is key – while some time-crunches may only allow a few minutes for preparation, if there is enough time, it is always best to prepare in full by making your presentation informative and compelling.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals

A good presentation has visuals. Not only does this give the audience something to look at, but it also serves as a reminder to you about what you’re suppose to say. Use visuals that mean something, are relevant and will attract people’s attention. Create graphs, bar charts, and other visual data. If you are talking about California, use a photo of it. While a photo of California might not be necessary to the presentation, it is appealing to the eye and will make the presentation more aesthetically pleasing.

Present Important Information in Two Different Ways

People learn differently – remember this when creating a presentation. If you know for a fact that everyone prefers visuals, go with that. If this information isn’t known, however, present the information in a way that visual and analytical people will understand easily.

Have Someone Else Read it Over

Having someone else read your presentation over prior to giving it is key. There may be a slide that you understand, but that’s not necessarily true for someone seeing it for the first time. Some sections may need to be reworked, and a new set of eyes will help you find those gaps. Other people are also great at catching typos that may have been missed.

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Make a Summary Page

Remember to summarize the key points and, if applicable, any action items. Depending on the length of the presentation, some of these points could have been forgotten or missed.


Regardless of how short your presentation is, always rehearse a few times. Doing so will help you sound less stiff and appear more confident.

Have Good Posture

Make sure to stand up straight while giving the presentation. Make eye contact with different members of the audience and don’t be afraid to move around if you can. Project energy and look like you want to be there.



Earning the Trust of Your Team at Work

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As a leader in the workplace, it can be hard to remember how important it is to build trust with your team members, especially during busy times. However, trust is the key to successful relationships at work; if you can’t trust your employees, and they can’t trust you, there is undoubtedly going to be conflict. If your employees trust you, then they will support your decisions and will feel that the choices you make are in their best interest. They will be happy, feel appreciated, and ready to work hard.

If you are looking to build trust as a leader at work, here are a few tips to get you started:

Share Knowledge

Sharing informative articles you come across, ideas, and past experiences with your employees is important. Good leaders produce even greater ones because they are able to pass on their experiences and knowledge. Giving your team advice and mentoring them will not only benefit them, but you as well. Sharing knowledge will show that you care about their success and will ultimately build trust.

Be Honest

Always be honest with your employees, even if it’s about something they don’t want to hear. Finding out that you were dishonest with them will completely break the trust in your relationship. Always remember to only make promises that can keep, and to be transparent whenever possible.

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Show Genuine Interest in Your Employees

Asking how their weekend was or what they do outside of work will prove to your employees that you genuinely care about them. Employees are much more likely to trust a leader who is nice and friendly as opposed to one that appears cold and distant. Maintaining a level of professionalism while finding appropriate times to inquire about more personal things will help foster trust.

Don’t Place Blame

Small mistakes are going to be made here and there, and how you respond to these mistakes is important. Pointing fingers at someone or aggressively singling out an employee for something small is not the answer. Take the person at fault aside, discuss what can be done better next time, and move on. Handling mistakes in this way will encourage your employees to be honest with you, instead of afraid of your reaction when goals are not met or errors occur.

Job Interviewing: Best Practices

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The process of finding a new job can be stressful, arduous, and frustrating. Preparing for an interview takes more effort than just brushing up on your resume. It’s also important to make a good first impression, dress sharp, and know the company.

Here are a few best practices for preparing and having a job interview:

Dress Professional, but Accordingly

Study the company before deciding on an interview outfit. Does the company have an extremely professional vibe? Stick with a classic outfit – such as a suit and a button up top. Is the company a creative startup? Consider throwing in a colored blazer or a fun necklace. Look at what the employees wear on the “team” page, and tailor the outfit to that.

It is also important to remember to make sure your outfit fits well, is ironed, and has no stains, tears, etc. Examine the outfit before putting it on to make sure it is in top shape. Clean up facial hair, and remember not to wear too much perfume or cologne.

Bring References and a Copy of Your Resume

Even if they don’t ask for it, bring a printed copy of your references. Each reference should include a name, phone number, email, company, and the reference’s job title. Always remember to bring one copy of your resume for you to look over, and one for whomever is interviewing you. They may have a copy, but it is always good to come prepared.

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Study the Company

Some interviewers will quiz you on your knowledge about the company, while others don’t. Either way, it’s good to come prepared. If they ask the questions, you’re ready, and if not, throwing some of that knowledge out there looks impressive. Make sure to always know with whom you are speaking, what they do, the names of the top executives at the company, and what the business actually does.

Go to Bed Early and Arrive Early

It’s not very professional to be yawning during an interview. Getting enough sleep will make you feel better and cause you to be more alert for the interview. Also, always remember to show up early! Give yourself extra time depending on how far away it is. If it’s normally a 15-minute drive, give yourself 10-15 extra minutes for unexpected delays; if it’s a longer commute, an extra 20-30 minutes is good. You never know if the building will be hard to find or there will be an accident slowing down traffic.

Be Confident

Even if you are incredibly nervous – act confident. The interviewer is there to talk about you, so it is okay to brag in a humble way. Give a firm handshake, make eye contact, and smile.

Ask Questions

Come with questions prepared. If you forget to do so, try to ask at least a few questions. Ending an interview with no questions is always a bad sign to the interviewer. Ask clarifying questions about the role, what the company does, and company culture. Remember, you are also interviewing this company to see if you want to work for them!

5 Underdog and Entrepreneurial Movies to Inspire You to Greatness

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It’s always encouraging to see an underdog come out on top. Whether you are throwing an inspirational movie night for the office, or simply want to feel inspired yourself, here are 5 great underdog and entrepreneurial-themed movies to watch:

The Pursuit of Happyness – You can’t find an underdog movie more inspiring than this. And the best part? It’s a true story. This movie is inspired by Chris Gardner, a single father that raised his young son and made a career for himself while homeless. He eventually lands an internship at Dean Witter Reynolds—after a lot of hard work and sleepless nights.

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The Social Network – The Social Network tells the story of how Facebook got started. Mark Zuckerberg was a college dropout and now runs Facebook, which is currently worth $104 billion. This movie teaches us to build things that people already want but don’t have—and the money will come in eventually.

Field of Dreams – This is a story about dreams coming true: in it, an average family man turns his cornfield into a baseball field. While there is no important revelatory moment, it is about a person going for and fulfilling their dreams. – This movie teaches entrepreneurs that they can’t just have a good idea; they much research it to see if it is practical and can actually work. This film recounts the story of a failed startup,, which was created to give citizens an easier way to pay traffic tickets.

Forrest Gump – Everyone has challenges that they have to overcome in life; the important part is how you respond to it. Forrest Gump is based on a similar novel, about a man who has an IQ of 75 but still lives a successful life. Forrest goes on to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, become a world famous ping-pong champion, own a highly successful shrimp fishing company, and run across the country in three years. 



5 Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas for the Office

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With work, family, chores – and all other things going on in our lives, it can be hard to put “packing a healthy lunch” at the top of the priority list. But having the same frozen meal or canned soup every day can get boring—and going out to eat quickly becomes unhealthy and expensive. However, making a healthy and tasty lunch doesn’t have to take up much time.

One trick is making multiple lunches at a time or making something in large quantities at the beginning of the week. For instance, instead of making a side salad every morning before work, make 5 on Sunday. If chopped celery or carrots are a daily staple, cut up 5 days’ worth at the beginning of the week as well. Below are 5 tasty, healthy, and easy lunch ideas that can be prepared on Sunday and eaten all week:

Lasagna and Veggies

Lasagna, if made right, can be a tasty and healthy lunch. This is also something that can be made at the beginning of the week and eaten throughout the week. Minor substitutes like using chicken instead of ground beef, and adding veggies can make this a healthier meal. Cut up carrots, celery, olives, cucumbers – or whatever veggies you like with ranch or hummus. Check out this Spinach Lasagna Rolls recipe.

Avocado and Edamame Salad

This salad can be made at the beginning of the week as long as the dressing is added separately, and will last a few days. This salad is packed with flavor, veggies and protein. Check out the recipe here.

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Egg Salad and a Side Salad

Egg salad can easily be made in large quantities and eaten throughout the week. To make it even healthier, choose healthy whole wheat bread or eat it on top of some leafy greens. Adding a side salad will add in the extra veggies you need. Check out this tomato basil egg salad recipe.

Chicken and Hummus Wrap

Wraps are a great low-carb alternative to sandwiches. This chicken and hummus wrap is easy to make, healthy, and packed with protein. Try paring it with fruit, such as apples or grapes.

Minestrone Soup

Soup is another option that can be made in large quantities at the beginning of the week. Minestrone soup is packed full of veggies, pasta, and flavor. Check out the recipe here. Try pairing the soup with fruit or crackers.

Working at KMG Consultants Inc. by Ashley

KMG-Consultants-TeamMy name is Ashley and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor in Human Biology. Shortly after graduating college my main goal was to find a pharmaceutical sales job. However, without at least a year to two years of B2B sales experience, it was nearly impossible to even get recognition of my resume by companies. When KMG Consultants Inc., based in Southfield, MI, approached me with a job offer, I quickly took the opportunity for business to business experience.

After starting with KMG Consultants, my vision of just using KMG as an experience to enhance my business skill set had dramatically changed. I realized the growth opportunity within the company and valued the knowledge I was gaining through KMG Consultants Inc. The job was dynamic. There was a satisfying mix of competitiveness and a source of friendship within the office.

Now, only being with KMG Consultants for roughly a month and a half now, I have changed my career focus. I am self motivated everyday to keep moving forward and set my determination to the top. My goal within the company is to become a promoting owner of a bigger business campaign. It is with the help of Samuel Striker and all of my fellow coworkers that I will be instilled with the information and growth I need to be successful in my own office. It is a rewarding feeling knowing that each day you are in charge of your own success, but a push in the right direction can definitely be accomplished by working at KMG Consultants.