Working at KMG Consultants Inc. by Ashley

KMG-Consultants-TeamMy name is Ashley and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor in Human Biology. Shortly after graduating college my main goal was to find a pharmaceutical sales job. However, without at least a year to two years of B2B sales experience, it was nearly impossible to even get recognition of my resume by companies. When KMG Consultants Inc., based in Southfield, MI, approached me with a job offer, I quickly took the opportunity for business to business experience.

After starting with KMG Consultants, my vision of just using KMG as an experience to enhance my business skill set had dramatically changed. I realized the growth opportunity within the company and valued the knowledge I was gaining through KMG Consultants Inc. The job was dynamic. There was a satisfying mix of competitiveness and a source of friendship within the office.

Now, only being with KMG Consultants for roughly a month and a half now, I have changed my career focus. I am self motivated everyday to keep moving forward and set my determination to the top. My goal within the company is to become a promoting owner of a bigger business campaign. It is with the help of Samuel Striker and all of my fellow coworkers that I will be instilled with the information and growth I need to be successful in my own office. It is a rewarding feeling knowing that each day you are in charge of your own success, but a push in the right direction can definitely be accomplished by working at KMG Consultants.

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