How to Prepare for a Business Presentation

Flickr CC via Mathieu Thouvenin

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Preparing for business presentations is key – while some time-crunches may only allow a few minutes for preparation, if there is enough time, it is always best to prepare in full by making your presentation informative and compelling.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals

A good presentation has visuals. Not only does this give the audience something to look at, but it also serves as a reminder to you about what you’re suppose to say. Use visuals that mean something, are relevant and will attract people’s attention. Create graphs, bar charts, and other visual data. If you are talking about California, use a photo of it. While a photo of California might not be necessary to the presentation, it is appealing to the eye and will make the presentation more aesthetically pleasing.

Present Important Information in Two Different Ways

People learn differently – remember this when creating a presentation. If you know for a fact that everyone prefers visuals, go with that. If this information isn’t known, however, present the information in a way that visual and analytical people will understand easily.

Have Someone Else Read it Over

Having someone else read your presentation over prior to giving it is key. There may be a slide that you understand, but that’s not necessarily true for someone seeing it for the first time. Some sections may need to be reworked, and a new set of eyes will help you find those gaps. Other people are also great at catching typos that may have been missed.

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Make a Summary Page

Remember to summarize the key points and, if applicable, any action items. Depending on the length of the presentation, some of these points could have been forgotten or missed.


Regardless of how short your presentation is, always rehearse a few times. Doing so will help you sound less stiff and appear more confident.

Have Good Posture

Make sure to stand up straight while giving the presentation. Make eye contact with different members of the audience and don’t be afraid to move around if you can. Project energy and look like you want to be there.


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