Keys to Being More Personable

Flickr CC via danorbit

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Being personable with customers and employees can make a huge difference in day-to-day business. When a customer sees that you care about them, they remember you. When employees feel this, they are much more likely to enjoy going to work. Here are a few tips to become more personable:

Actually Listen

When someone is talking to you, actively listen. Remember a book they mentioned or their favorite song. If it’s a customer, write down something you want to remember, and then bring it up next time you see them. It will impress customers that you took the time to remember details about them.

Ask Questions

Along the lines of listening, asking questions shows that you are interested. Ask the person you are speaking with to elaborate on their problem or story, eliciting a more in-depth and memorable conversation.

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Use Names

Being directly acknowledged by name makes individuals feel important, and it’s especially impressive when someone remembers your name during that first conversation. Using names makes a huge difference.

Show Emotion

Personable people smile, laugh, frown, and generally show a range of emotions. Being able to express appropriate emotional responses will help you be more personable and approachable.

Stay Positive

Look on the bright side of things. When something bad happens, don’t always assume the worst. Repeat the old mantra if you need to: “Think positive thoughts.” Positivity reflects onto other people and helps them be more positive as well.

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