Enduring Through Tough Challenges

Flickr CC via BC Gov Photos

We wake up every morning expecting to take on some kind of challenge. In life, we tend to set ourselves up this way as we dream big and set high standards. Luckily, as humans, we are designed to find ways to overcome. We may have evolved past the challenge of finding food and shelter, but we have created new challenges that arise with the desire to live a happy, healthy, and comfortable life.

For some, the challenge may be completing a difficult task at school or at work. For others, it could be a medical or financial challenge with no easy solution. But whether it’s a difficult sales quota to meet, an assignment due on short notice, or you just lost your job, don’t worry because there are ways you can overcome these difficult challenges and move on to success, happiness, and satisfaction.

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Ask for Help

Many people who face difficult challenges are too afraid, or too proud to ask for help. It’s understandable that we want to solve your own problems, but we are often surprised at how much easier things become the moment we ask for help. Help often doesn’t need to be much more than asking for advice. Sometimes an outside look at your problem will often yield some novel ideas that may not have occurred to you.

Most of the time we are facing a challenge that someone else has been through in some form or another. If they were able to find a solution, so can you. The important thing is to take their advice and not be closed-minded or negative. You will thank them later!

Focus on the result

It’s an interesting thing: When you envision the place you want to end up, your mind can start drawing a map of how to get there. Once it’s mapped out, we can begin taking action immediately.

It works like this: With an end result in mind, our life experiences remind us of the necessary requirements to get there. With those requirements in mind, we can typically determine the basic steps to meet those requirements. Working backward, we arrive at step 1 and now we know exactly what to do next. Then step 2, step 3, etc. until you’ve overcome the challenge.

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Stop worrying and start doing.

Taking action is the key element in overcoming difficult challenges. It’s normal to dwell on the negative. In fact, our minds are designed that way. But taking action is necessary, and it’s easier than you might think. As soon as you do, you’ll look back and wonder what took you so long.

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