Steps to Making Better Decisions

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Decisions, decisions. The gift of free will can be our biggest downfall or our saving grace. It all depends on the decisions we make. Each and every one of us can look back and think of bad decisions we’ve made. Maybe some of us continually made bad decisions that have had dire consequences in our lives. Sometimes we are impulsive, and sometimes our judgment gets skewed. If you want to start making better decisions, here is a list of steps you can take.

1. Think objectively

Often it’s our emotions getting the better of us when we make a bad decision. It’s not always easy, but if you try to be an outsider to your own situation and be objective, you can often get a better feel for what the right decision might be. Ever wonder why it’s so easy to give advice but not always to take it?

Think like the person of reason that you are, and act on the decision you would make as an outsider to your own situation.

2. Analyze your decision

Especially if it’s a major decision, it’s wise to make a list of pros and cons and analyze the risk versus the reward of your decision. If you can do this, sometimes the decision will make itself.

The problem is following through with it. But again, being objective can help you see that it might be impulse overriding worry, or worry overriding a good decision.

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 3. Get outside advice.

Go ahead and bring your dilemma to your friends, family, coworkers, strangers, or anyone willing to offer their help. The benefit of this is that people generally want you to make the right decision, so they will naturally offer advice that will point you in that direction.

Remember that people are seeing your dilemma from an outside perspective, and have less at stake. This can affect your decision-making process in a good or bad way, so it’s important to consider your own thoughts and feelings as well.

Sometimes it’s good to act on our emotions. But other times, it can hold us back from getting where we want to be in life. The next time you have a decision to make, try to think objectively, analyze the risk and reward, and ask for advice. Over time, you’ll get better at making better decisions on a consistent basis.

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