3 Outside the Box Social Media Strategies

Flickr CC via Orfeest

When the tried and true methods of social media engagement fail you, sometimes you have to get a little crazy to find success. So what exactly can you do in these situations to breathe some new life into your social media spaces? Check out these 3 out-of-the-box social media strategies designed to spice up your social media channels with the hopes of bringing more engagement.

1. Share Fun Content

One noble goal in the realm of social media is creating content that your followers actually want to see in their newsfeed. To achieve this lofty goal means being willing to post content that is outside of the professional range. Your content might need to be slightly off-topic for your business—your content needs to be fun.

So what kinds of fun content should you post? There is no simple answer, as the type of content you should post depends entirely on your audience. However, some examples might include memes, funny videos, or online quizzes. Keep in mind, however, that the content you post should always make sense for the company voice you would like to cultivate, and if possible try to loosely relate it back to the company somehow.

For example, instead of just re-posting a cute cat video, you could add something like this: “This video is melting the hearts of all the pet lovers we have on staff here at [company name]. Is your office a cat office or a dog office?”

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Game with Your Followers

Similar to how your users want to see content they actually care about, they will also respond more often (and more enthusiastically) to any sort of engagement from your social media accounts. One outside-of-the-box method of going about this type of engagement is to play games with your followers.

What types of games? You could try posting riddles (cheesy or otherwise) and perhaps even rewarding the first user to correctly solve it. Additionally, you could try engaging with your followers by playing app games with them. Remember: if something interesting happens, consider posting about it!

Don’t Limit Yourself to Business Hours

The world of social media doesn’t limit itself to normal business hours, and neither should your business. One potentially rewarding way to increase your social media presence is to hire a social media specialist to monitor your social media channels constantly, making it possible to create reactionary posts at nearly any hour.

In addition to the benefits gained by having nearly round-the-clock monitoring, hiring a social media expert ensures that your posts have a consistent voice and that posts are created by someone who you know you can trust.

The results can be astounding. Taco Bell is one company that does this very well, inspiring a following on Twitter due to the company’s hilarious posts, which inspired a BuzzFeed article. On a larger scale, many companies took advantage of the blackout at the Super Bowl in 2013 to push their brands, resulting in viral success.

What do you think about these social media strategies? Would you use them for your business?

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