K.M.G. Consultants Expands to Minnesota

K.M.G. Consultants has completed its most recent expansion to Minnesota.

In January we set big goals to grow our firm and gain new cities for our client. K.M.G. Consultants is excited to announce that we reached our quarter one goals. In gaining the Minnesota market, K.M.G. Consultants now has four branch locations. We have been able to accomplish this by creating a personal relationship with our clients’ base and our sales and marketing firm has a unique way of reaching and connecting with potential customers. We also teach our employees the skills necessary to properly market for our fortune 500 clients and give them the tools they need to manage our branch offices. By doing so, we now have capable managers and teams leading each location. Our most recent manager, Aaron, was able to assume the lead for our Michigan branch.

Aaron is a wonderful father of three with over 10 years of management and business sales experience. He has been working in our industry for the last year and has proven himself worthy of leading the expansion team in Detroit, MI”

-Sam, President at K.M.G. Consultants

Aaron started with K.M.G. Consultants seeing that he had the ability to earn his own management promotion by focusing on building and developing the team. He was able to quickly move into assistant management just nine months after starting with our firm. He, with assistance from the team, aided in the first 2 expansions. Now, with his own promotion and running the Michigan branch, he has full autonomy of his career and will continue to help K.M.G; Consultants with its national expansions. “I didn’t have to wait for ‘Johnny’ to be promoted or quit to hit my goals. I look forward to being able to watch my kids grow as an involved parent. Especially watching my little boy’s lacrosse games one day “even if he’s one and doesn’t know it yet.” says Aaron in regards to his promotion.

K.M.G. Consultants was founded in April, 2011 and is located in Roseville, MN. As a sales and marketing firm, K.M.G. Consultants specializes in new customer acquisition and maintaining quality customers for our national Fortune 500 clients and we are recognized as a leading consulting firm in the Midwest region. K.M.G.’s vision is to build people from an entry level position into management at a fast pace; having them learn the business from the ground up. We teach our employees the necessary skills to adequately market for our Fortune 500 client as well as give them the tools they would need to eventually manage one of our firm’s national locations.

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K.M.G. Consultants team celebrating Aaron’s promotion.

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