Meet the Team- Tyler Dittrich

KMG Consultants Inc, located in the Minneapolis metro area, has a long standing record of peak performance and delivering results for its clients. We are able to do so consistently because we are able to develop a top notch team that works hard and follows through. One of our team members, Tyler Dittrich, is not just an outstanding part of our team but also a great summer intern.

Tyler, who started in the beginning of the Summer, came to work with KMG Consultants looking for an opportunity to gain experience in the sales and consulting business. He found KMG Consultants through an online job search and found that he like the atmosphere, people, and opportunity to make great money. He also really enjoyed the aspect of being in control of his own day.

“KMG Consultants is a perfect balance between work and fun,” says Tyler. While he is only here interning this summer, planning to resume his studies at University of Minnesota studying marketing, he has quickly caught on and become a top performer at KMG Consultants. Tyler has benefited working at the company by improving his ability to communicate along with his time management and budgeting skills. He feels that he not only has learned to communicate more clearly but has also gained more confidence in his time here. He enjoys that KMG Consultants gives him the ability to learn hands on and go at his pace. With that, Tyler has consistently been in the client’s top 50 list and has also been able to train and develop others in his position. He has even earned a promotion while here.

Tyler is a part of KMG Consultant Inc’s Summer internship program and will return to University of Minnesota in August. He enjoys basketball immensely and has a laid back personality. He is motivated by money and success, making KMG Consultants a great fit. Interested in learning more about our Internship program? Click here.


Meet the Team: Bailey Lund

Bailey KMG Consultants Inc.pngAt KMG Consultants, we are driven to outperform for our clients and provide our people the best resources and development. We also know that our people are our best resource and by helping them reach their full potential, they help our firm become best in the nation. Last month, KMG Consultants brought on Bailey Lund as a full time Summer intern while on break from the University of Minnesota. When she joined the team, Bailey took the training provided and has since become a top performer.
Bailey, who is from Moorhead, MN, is currently a Junior at University of Minnesota and is studying economics. She is involved in Colleges Against Cancer, Women in Business, the Economic Student Organization, and she volunteers with the YMCA mentoring program. She choose to work with KMG Consultants for her internship because she enjoyed the laid back yet serious atmosphere. She also liked that she and the team had fun and got along really well. In the office, she is known as the Keurig queen. Her passions include shopping and volleyball.

Bailey plans to keep outperforming for our firm and learning as much as possible while she continues her internship. She is starting to learn how to talent scout and on-board new team members along with learning how to train. She aims to personally train and develop at least one new team member before her internship ends. She aims to continue gaining her degree in Economics and achieve a 4.0.