About KMG Consultants Inc.

Welcome to the KMG Consultants Inc. Blog! This is a blog of advice and tips from KMG Consultants Inc. regarding business, leadership, and sales.

Located in Roseville, MN, KMG Consultants Inc. opened its Detroit headquarters in April 2011.  As a business consulting firm, we specialize in account acquisition and customer retention. We hope to grow individuals sales professionals into full-fledged managers.

KMG Consultants Inc. works for excellent feedback from clients, and growing our national sales team. Our specialty is new customer acquisition, customer service and customer retention, primarily working with small to medium sized business accounts. At KMG Consultants Inc., we achieve success by building personal relationship with customers and business owners through one-one-one interactions.

As a company-wide initiative, KMG Consultants Inc. plans to provide additional Fortune 500 companies with the benefit of services that can continue to expand into other markets.The backbone of our company is our employees. Their leadership, vision and desire to develop future partners will propel our growth nationwide. Company projections see us opening several new markets within the next year, working with a wide range of new clients.

For more information regarding KMG Consultants Inc., head to our website at http://www.kmgconsultantsinc.com or check out our profile on CrunchBase.

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