Meet the Team: Bailey Lund

Bailey KMG Consultants Inc.pngAt KMG Consultants, we are driven to outperform for our clients and provide our people the best resources and development. We also know that our people are our best resource and by helping them reach their full potential, they help our firm become best in the nation. Last month, KMG Consultants brought on Bailey Lund as a full time Summer intern while on break from the University of Minnesota. When she joined the team, Bailey took the training provided and has since become a top performer.
Bailey, who is from Moorhead, MN, is currently a Junior at University of Minnesota and is studying economics. She is involved in Colleges Against Cancer, Women in Business, the Economic Student Organization, and she volunteers with the YMCA mentoring program. She choose to work with KMG Consultants for her internship because she enjoyed the laid back yet serious atmosphere. She also liked that she and the team had fun and got along really well. In the office, she is known as the Keurig queen. Her passions include shopping and volleyball.

Bailey plans to keep outperforming for our firm and learning as much as possible while she continues her internship. She is starting to learn how to talent scout and on-board new team members along with learning how to train. She aims to personally train and develop at least one new team member before her internship ends. She aims to continue gaining her degree in Economics and achieve a 4.0.



K.M.G. Consultants Expands to Minnesota

K.M.G. Consultants has completed its most recent expansion to Minnesota.

In January we set big goals to grow our firm and gain new cities for our client. K.M.G. Consultants is excited to announce that we reached our quarter one goals. In gaining the Minnesota market, K.M.G. Consultants now has four branch locations. We have been able to accomplish this by creating a personal relationship with our clients’ base and our sales and marketing firm has a unique way of reaching and connecting with potential customers. We also teach our employees the skills necessary to properly market for our fortune 500 clients and give them the tools they need to manage our branch offices. By doing so, we now have capable managers and teams leading each location. Our most recent manager, Aaron, was able to assume the lead for our Michigan branch.

Aaron is a wonderful father of three with over 10 years of management and business sales experience. He has been working in our industry for the last year and has proven himself worthy of leading the expansion team in Detroit, MI”

-Sam, President at K.M.G. Consultants

Aaron started with K.M.G. Consultants seeing that he had the ability to earn his own management promotion by focusing on building and developing the team. He was able to quickly move into assistant management just nine months after starting with our firm. He, with assistance from the team, aided in the first 2 expansions. Now, with his own promotion and running the Michigan branch, he has full autonomy of his career and will continue to help K.M.G; Consultants with its national expansions. “I didn’t have to wait for ‘Johnny’ to be promoted or quit to hit my goals. I look forward to being able to watch my kids grow as an involved parent. Especially watching my little boy’s lacrosse games one day “even if he’s one and doesn’t know it yet.” says Aaron in regards to his promotion.

K.M.G. Consultants was founded in April, 2011 and is located in Roseville, MN. As a sales and marketing firm, K.M.G. Consultants specializes in new customer acquisition and maintaining quality customers for our national Fortune 500 clients and we are recognized as a leading consulting firm in the Midwest region. K.M.G.’s vision is to build people from an entry level position into management at a fast pace; having them learn the business from the ground up. We teach our employees the necessary skills to adequately market for our Fortune 500 client as well as give them the tools they would need to eventually manage one of our firm’s national locations.

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K.M.G. Consultants team celebrating Aaron’s promotion.

Developing a Success Mindset

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Sometimes success can be a bad thing. If you’re a star at the start of your career it’s possible to develop an expectation of success. This mindset means that you’re not open to trying new things and that you’re resistant to risk because it introduces the possibility of failure. Having a fixed mindset means that you see challenges as threats and engage obstacles with fear, not curiosity or even excitement.

To achieve success you must develop a mindset focused on growth. You may not have gotten great grades, but you always did the work and attacked problems with enthusiasm. A growth mindset is flexible, resilient, and passionate. It doesn’t require genius because is comfortable with asking questions. You’re not afraid of people knowing you don’t have all of the answers.

Risk is Good for Business

Now that you understand the qualities of the fixed mindset and the growth mindset you probably think you’ve got everything under control. If only it were that easy! A mindset for growth can turn into a fixed mindset without you noticing the change.

As you advance in your career and are given additional assignments your growth mindset can gradually move from nimble to fixed. An increase in responsibilities comes with an increase in status, authority, income, and professional reputation. When someone has more to lose his or her response usually is to avoid risk.

Instead of imagining a variety of solutions to a problem you may chose not to act. If you’re interested in advancing in your career—or even keeping your job—you must set up an interior warning system programed to alter you when you start to reject innovative solutions.

Failure is a Gift

When you, a team member, a colleague, a boss, or an employee wants to take a risk pause for a moment to consider the pros and cons and then make a decision. And here’s the scary part—sometimes the solution you pick won’t work. Don’t panic. Don’t blame anyone.

Recognize failure as a gift and take responsibility for the outcomes. Fixing the problem provides you and your team an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. You are a person with a growth mindset and you’re able to turn failure into fortune.

Learn From Your Experience

The best strategy for managing failure is to keep a record of it. Once the project is finished and a solution is found you schedule a time for your team to review all of the successes and failures achieved on the road toward completion.

Together, you’re going to perform a post-mortem, like investigators do on detective shows. They examine what went wrong. They discuss how decisions were made. They review the resources that were available during the assignment. They search to understand what happened, why it happened, and how it happened.

They also keep an eye open for out-of-the-box thinking, bold suggestions, and creative ideas that might not have worked for now but could work at another time or in another situation.

Follow these strategies and try out some of your own and you’ll be well on your way to creating a success mindset.

6 Quick Tips for Improving Your Focus

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No matter how well organized you think you are—you’re going to get distracted. Life is very complicated. You have constant demands on your time and attention. In order to finish our tasks at work—and be an active participant in your personal life—need to be able to maintain focus.

At work there are emails, text messages, phone calls, and colleagues who stop at our desks for informal check-ins. At home you have chores to do, hobbies to enjoy, and relationships to nurture. You’re focusing on achieving a work life balance. However, sometimes staying focused seems nearly impossible. But it’s not.

It’s possible to improve your focus at work and at home. All you need is a little discipline, a few new habits, and some useful tips. Review the list below and try them out. Remember to share you search for better focus with your team at work, your friends, and family. Finding focus is good for everyone.

Plan Your Day: It’s such an obvious suggestion we often overlook it. Make a plan for you day. List of your tasks at work and home. Rank them for importance from 1 to 4. What doesn’t get done today goes to the top of the list for tomorrow.

Organize Your Email: Don’t let email folders fill up to overflowing. It’s distracting because you worry about unfinished tasks. Set a time everyday to go through your inbox. Resolve each message before moving on. Unsubscribe from anything not directly related to assignments and goals.

Quiet Works Best: Focus works better without distractions. Let your team know that you’re trying to improve your focus and reduce distractions. Get some headphone and listen to inspirational music. If your team suffers from too much noise ask your supervisor if there is a way to quiet the environment.

Time Your Tasks: You’ll be amazed at what you’re able to get done in managed bursts of time. Ignore your email, instant messages, and phone for 20 minutes. Then check your messages and respond for 10 minutes. Then dive back in for another 20-minute sprint. You’ll be amazed at how much more you accomplish each day.

No Facebook at Work: Social media steals focus and time faster than you can know. You’re only allowed to use social media at work if it’s part of your job. Otherwise it’s a waste of time—and time theft from your company.

Eat, Drink, and Focus on Health: Take care of yourself throughout the day. Drink lots of water. Have healthy snacks near your desk. Take short breaks to stretch. Go for a walk at lunch or schedule a regular exercise plan before or after work. You’ll focus better when you’re well rested, well fed, and in good physical condition.

3 Things to Make Time for Every Day

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If you are looking for ways to motivate yourself, try adding these 3 things to your daily routine that KMG Consultants uses every day. They will help you to increase your productivity, motivation, and will ultimately lead to a healthier you—both physically and mentally.

Become an early riser and early sleeper.

As the saying goes, “early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Getting enough sleep is incredibly important for maintaining physical and mental health, and going to bed early helps ensure that you are getting enough rest.

Starting your day off earlier also has a large number of benefits. First, it will provide you with adequate time in the morning to prepare for work and the rest of your day. Don’t skip your breakfast, shower, morning coffee, or other essential things in your morning routine because you stayed up late! Additionally, waking up early will give you time to fully wake up and get your mind working at peak efficiency. At KMG Consultants, we believe an early riser always gets the worm!

Start every day with meditation or focused thought.

Does your mind tend to wander during the day? Meditation or other focusing exercises can help clear your mind of distractions and fill it instead with motivation and purpose. This is a great way to start your day, and it can also be an effective tool to use during the middle of your workday if you start to lose focus.

Make time for regular physical activity.

Exercising regularly is important to maintaining personal health. You don’t have to exercise every single day, but you should try to add exercise to your normal schedule to ensure that you are getting active enough. If your schedule is jam packed, consider simply adding in a brisk 15-30 minute walk during your lunch hour or break.

On top of the obvious physical benefits of physical activity and exercise, there are mental benefits as well. For starters, exercise releases endorphins in your body, which trigger positive emotions.

Getting your blood flowing can also be an excellent way to release physical and emotional stress—making you more prepared to take each day head on. Regularly scheduled exercise time provides an opportunity for solace and introspection while improving physical health at the same time.

What essential things do you make time for everyday?

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The Most Important Thing To Have in Business: Trust

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Everyone wants to be able to trust their peers. In business, trust is everything. Clients put faith in you, co-workers rely on you, and even managers can put all their faith in you getting the job done. Earning this kind of trust doesn’t come easy, but by slowly building it up, trust can be your middle name. These are a few benefits of building trust in the business world:

Create Connections

When a person is considered trustworthy, they will get more opportunity to build relationships that benefit both parties. In order to increase your client size, and have a lasting relationship with a business partner, trust needs to be the basis. The more trust there is with a company, the more chance that business will grow. Whenever things get too tough, or a big problem is on the horizon, you want to have someone to go to help you out. It’s always comforting to know that through your trustworthiness, you have a wide selection of people to go to help remedy a situation.

Ensure The Right Fit

Building trust will help a client find comfort in doing business with you. When the trust isn’t there, a client could easily go and check out the competition, and leave you in the dust. Trust requires a certain attitude that makes you genuine. The more real your offer or pitch sounds, the better chance a client will accept it. Help them remove any doubt hat you aren’t what you say you are. Ensure to them that they are making the correct choice.

Build a Trustable Reputation

Ever wondered why a co-worker get the big projects and you don’t? You may not have as much of a strong trustable reputation. Building this is important to gain more responsibility, but know that other people think of you when it comes to tackling a big problem. When you have a trustable reputation, you’re more likely to have more opportunity to shine. Build a trustable reputations to go the next level with clients, and business as a whole.

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Perfect Spending Your Time Wisely

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Improving time management is one of the easiest and most often overlooked ways to increase productivity in the workplace. When you know how to spend your time wisely, your productivity will increase and you will benefit from being able to get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

A good first step is to perform an audit on the ways you are currently spending your time and compare that with what you are accomplishing, and what you ought to be accomplishing. This auditing process is useful because it can help you determine how you can improve your schedule to maximize your time.

Next, consider creating to-do lists. Efficient organization and planning are essential to creating a useful plan for your time. To that end, making a to-do list is a great way to invest time from the present into your productivity in the future. You can create a to-do list at the beginning of your day to help determine what you should complete during the day, allowing you to strategically tackle your tasks in a reasonable way. Additionally, if you are left with a few minutes at the end of the day with nothing to do, try making a to-do list for the next day so that once you get into the office, you know where to begin.

Rank everything on your to-do lists in order of importance and when it needs to be completed. In addition, estimate how long each activity will take to complete. Not only will having an amount of time make it easier to plan out your day, but it can also motivate you to complete each task in a given amount of time.

Once you have a routine of tasks you regularly complete, you can try creating a regular schedule (weekly or monthly, for example) and sticking to that schedule. The importance of your schedule is that it is a guideline for spending your time in the most efficient way possible. While it might take a considerable amount of time to perfect your schedule, the rewards will be immense once you get into the groove.

Always find something to do. When you aren’t taking a break, try to keep constantly work, doing your best to ignore unnecessary interruptions or distractions. This method of work will keep you focused, as well as keeping up your momentum and thereby increasing your productivity. Of course, don’t forget to take breaks when necessary and appropriate – recharge time is also an incredibly valuable thing!