Meet the Team- Leah Iverson

leah-iverson-kmg-consultants-incK.M.G. Consultants Inc., located in Roseville, MN, Partners with the largest office supplies retailer in the nation. As such, it’s important that the team at K.M.G. Consultants Inc. is able to take lead and show professionalism. The team at our Minneapolis, MN location exceeds our expectations and the client’s as well. We are able to train and develop a fantastic team, in most part, due to our great leaders at our office. One of these top leaders at K.M.G. Consultants is newcomer Leah Iverson, who came in and took charge as a top performer.

Leah, who joined K.M.G. Consultants this past summer, has incredibly diverse experience in the education, business administration, real estate, and interior design fields. She was able to mesh this experience with the training that K.M.G. Consultants Inc. provides and was able to become a top performer that K.M.G. Consultants’ can rely on. With her ability to learn the position quickly, Leah was also able start training and developing new team members as well.

“I value the chance to grow within a company within a short amount of time with out climbing the corporate ladder for 10-15 years before getting to a place of ownership.”

-Leah Iverson

Leah’s goal with the team is to help develop and grow the team by five new members in the next month and aims to head up an expansion team by February 2017. Leah’s hobbies include yoga and meditating. She also enjoys being outdoors and exploring. She has the best rescue dog ever. Learn more about the team at K.M.G. Consultants Inc. and the training and management development program here. 


6 Quick Tips for Improving Your Focus

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No matter how well organized you think you are—you’re going to get distracted. Life is very complicated. You have constant demands on your time and attention. In order to finish our tasks at work—and be an active participant in your personal life—need to be able to maintain focus.

At work there are emails, text messages, phone calls, and colleagues who stop at our desks for informal check-ins. At home you have chores to do, hobbies to enjoy, and relationships to nurture. You’re focusing on achieving a work life balance. However, sometimes staying focused seems nearly impossible. But it’s not.

It’s possible to improve your focus at work and at home. All you need is a little discipline, a few new habits, and some useful tips. Review the list below and try them out. Remember to share you search for better focus with your team at work, your friends, and family. Finding focus is good for everyone.

Plan Your Day: It’s such an obvious suggestion we often overlook it. Make a plan for you day. List of your tasks at work and home. Rank them for importance from 1 to 4. What doesn’t get done today goes to the top of the list for tomorrow.

Organize Your Email: Don’t let email folders fill up to overflowing. It’s distracting because you worry about unfinished tasks. Set a time everyday to go through your inbox. Resolve each message before moving on. Unsubscribe from anything not directly related to assignments and goals.

Quiet Works Best: Focus works better without distractions. Let your team know that you’re trying to improve your focus and reduce distractions. Get some headphone and listen to inspirational music. If your team suffers from too much noise ask your supervisor if there is a way to quiet the environment.

Time Your Tasks: You’ll be amazed at what you’re able to get done in managed bursts of time. Ignore your email, instant messages, and phone for 20 minutes. Then check your messages and respond for 10 minutes. Then dive back in for another 20-minute sprint. You’ll be amazed at how much more you accomplish each day.

No Facebook at Work: Social media steals focus and time faster than you can know. You’re only allowed to use social media at work if it’s part of your job. Otherwise it’s a waste of time—and time theft from your company.

Eat, Drink, and Focus on Health: Take care of yourself throughout the day. Drink lots of water. Have healthy snacks near your desk. Take short breaks to stretch. Go for a walk at lunch or schedule a regular exercise plan before or after work. You’ll focus better when you’re well rested, well fed, and in good physical condition.

Get Busy With It – 3 Music Tips for Focus

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A business consulting and sales firm, KMG Consultants is dedicated to customer success and retention.

Many studies have suggested that music can help boost everything from productivity to special-temporal reasoning to problem-solving skills. Of course, whether or not music can help someone get work done depends largely on they type of work being done and the individual. Someone that needs absolute silence to think probably won’t benefit from listening to music while working, but for the rest, there are some really great options available for boosting focus:


Often touted for its ability to improve mood, productivity, special-temporal reasoning, the ability to think long term, and more, classical music might be just what some people need to get through the day. You can find a wide variety of classical music for free online from sources like Wikipedia, Musopen, and Pandora. If you want to mix things up, try listening to modern groups like Vitamin String Quartet, which covers popular songs in a classical way.

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Electronic / Ambient

Ambient music can be great for those who want to try listening to music but get distracted easily. Designed to play in the background but not really draw your attention, ambient music can still give your brain all the positive benefits of music without pulling you away from the task at hand. Some of the most popular ambient/chillout albums include Ambient 1: Music for Airports, Play by Moby, Curious Liquid by Weatherman, Moon Safari by Air, Protection by Massive Attack, and Simple Things by Zero 7. If you just want to stream, check out streams such as Groove Salad, Drone Zone, and Secret Agent. Digitally Imported is also a great resource.

Colored Noise

Have you ever noticed how a bustling coffee shop, with all its background noise, can actually help you focus on tasks? If so, colored noise might be just what you need. Noise generators can help mask distracting sounds in the office—phone calls, chatting coworkers, outside noise—by making a more soothing background sound more prominent. There are a number of helpful apps and websites, such as Coffeeivity, Rainy Café, and Chatterblocker, which imitate the noises you might hear in certain environments (a coffee shop, for example). You can also try out SimplyNoise, which creates a more generic noise pattern.