Meet the Team- Leah Iverson

leah-iverson-kmg-consultants-incK.M.G. Consultants Inc., located in Roseville, MN, Partners with the largest office supplies retailer in the nation. As such, it’s important that the team at K.M.G. Consultants Inc. is able to take lead and show professionalism. The team at our Minneapolis, MN location exceeds our expectations and the client’s as well. We are able to train and develop a fantastic team, in most part, due to our great leaders at our office. One of these top leaders at K.M.G. Consultants is newcomer Leah Iverson, who came in and took charge as a top performer.

Leah, who joined K.M.G. Consultants this past summer, has incredibly diverse experience in the education, business administration, real estate, and interior design fields. She was able to mesh this experience with the training that K.M.G. Consultants Inc. provides and was able to become a top performer that K.M.G. Consultants’ can rely on. With her ability to learn the position quickly, Leah was also able start training and developing new team members as well.

“I value the chance to grow within a company within a short amount of time with out climbing the corporate ladder for 10-15 years before getting to a place of ownership.”

-Leah Iverson

Leah’s goal with the team is to help develop and grow the team by five new members in the next month and aims to head up an expansion team by February 2017. Leah’s hobbies include yoga and meditating. She also enjoys being outdoors and exploring. She has the best rescue dog ever. Learn more about the team at K.M.G. Consultants Inc. and the training and management development program here. 


The Ability to Love Your Job

Flickr CC via SpAvAAi

Learning to love your job has many benefits that go unnoticed. People whom love their jobs tend to do better work, and also are happier in other aspects of life. Most people who do not love their jobs are just stuck in a rut that they can get out of. By accepting a few things and being inspired, loving your job can be a real thing.

1. Focus on Growth

Try and open your eyes to see new ways in which you can grow as an employee. When someone begins to lose their interest in their job, it’s usually because they are not being challenged enough. Find new ways to take advantage of growing at your job. There may be a promotion waiting, or at least room to grow into a better employee in whatever field you choose.

2. Discover Your Favorite Part

What’s your favorite part of your job? It may be working with a team of professionals, or even the smile you put on a customers face. Focus on that aspect and try and utilize it in all facets of your work. Your most favorite part will most likely keep you the happiest, and make you come back to work with a smile on your face.

3. Learn a New Skill

Work is a great place to try something new while still growing professionally. Many jobs offer new skills to learn, and that may come in handy at a moment’s notice. It’s also possible that your work will pay for your training in a new skill if it’s beneficial to them. Learning new skills at work will give you the opportunity to see the value in your job, and start to love it.

4. Look Toward the Future

Imagine how much better your life will be if you can learn to love your job. Since we spend a huge chunk of our time working, we might as well do all we can to be happy. Take the necessary steps to start planning a future where you love your job. This is the key to eternal happiness.