KMG Consultants Meet the Team- Jason Spars

jason-spars-kmg-consultants-incK.M.G. Consultants, Inc. works with one of the largest online office supply retailers and is based in Roseville, MN.  Based on our client’s investment and growth expectation, we are focused on developing our team members, both professionally and personally.  Our goal is to help our staff gain not only sales and customer service experience, but the leadership and management skills that will allow for advancement in the industry.  It’s with this responsibility that having members of our team willing to step into leadership roles are crucial. Each month, the management team at K.M.G. Consultants, Inc. celebrates the members of our team who step up in “Meet the Team.” For October, the company is featuring Jason Spars!

Jason, who is a recent addition to the K.M.G. Consultants Inc. personally recruited by Leah Iverson, leadership team, has a background in restaurant and catering management. Being able to work in a fast paced environment combined with his experience in training others proved useful when he moved into sales and K.M.G. Consultants Inc. management development program. Jason is focusing on developing the new comers to the office. For November, Jason aims to have 2 of the company’s entry level account managers earn their first promotion in the Management Development program. He also aims to aide Sam, K.M.G. Consultants Inc.’s president, in building and maintaining every team member’s consistency and performance using metrics the company defines as the trend. Jason wants to dominate the northern markets and is working towards opening an office in Minneapolis in the next year.

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Meet The Team-Angie Jo Lockwood

img_2782Every month, the leadership at KMG Consultants Inc. selects one of our peers to feature in “Meet the Team”. For the month of October, Angie Jo Lockwood receives the honor. Angie has been featured on the client’s top 50 club multiple times and also was the KMG Top Rep in August.

Angie joined the only just this summer and has already made an immense impact on the team. Before joining KMG Consultants Inc, Angie worked in both the restaurant and medical fields. She was able to channel her experience from both industries to quickly learn the ins and outs of being successful at KMG Consultants. The inviting atmosphere and opportunity to grow and lead as a business professional drew her starting her career at KMG Consultants. She was able to move quickly through the Leadership Development Program and has also become an integral part of the training team. In the next month, Angie plans to mentor and on board two account executives and also aims to top the client’s top 50 club before the year ends. She is also committed to helping KMG Consultants Inc. expand to three new locations by 2018.

“I love how hard we work and how we constantly motivate each other. The job is not easy but the people that we work with make it worth it. Compassion, brutal honesty, and resilience is why I love KMG!”

-Angie Jo Lockwood

Angie studied and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Catherine University. She has a passion for child care and one of her long term goals is to open a clinic for foster children. Before joining the KMG Consultants team, Angie was a yoga instructor. 

Meet the team- Collin Jacobson

K.M.G. Consultants Inc., located in Roseville, MN, meets and exceeds the needs of our client with great assistance from our team. We are able to train and develop a fantastic team, in most part, due to our great leaders at our office. One of these top leaders at KMG Consultants is Collin Jacobson, who is a cornerstone to our training team.

Collin hails from Atlanta and is from a family of entrepreneurs. He plans on running his own company, which K.M.G. Consultants Inc. will help facilitate, and believes that entrepreneurship is key to fulfilling his dreams and wants.  Collin, who was initially looking for experience, joined K.M.G. Consultants at our Michigan location and was a key person in our expansion to Minnesota. Over the past few months, Collin has been able to on board and develop great assets to our team and is a go to in our company. He plans on earning his promotion to Assistant Manager this month and continue to develop our team here in Roseville.

Collin has been a consistent top performer at K.M.G. Consultants Inc. and is setting the pace for our team. His family, who are all entreprenuers and also owns 2 bars in belieze, have helped instill an incredible work ethic and impressive leadership. Instead of taking up the family business, Collin chose to pave his own path. He aims to help K.M.G. Consultants expand to 3 different locations in the next year and aims to retire at the age of thirty. 


Meet the Team: Bailey Lund

Bailey KMG Consultants Inc.pngAt KMG Consultants, we are driven to outperform for our clients and provide our people the best resources and development. We also know that our people are our best resource and by helping them reach their full potential, they help our firm become best in the nation. Last month, KMG Consultants brought on Bailey Lund as a full time Summer intern while on break from the University of Minnesota. When she joined the team, Bailey took the training provided and has since become a top performer.
Bailey, who is from Moorhead, MN, is currently a Junior at University of Minnesota and is studying economics. She is involved in Colleges Against Cancer, Women in Business, the Economic Student Organization, and she volunteers with the YMCA mentoring program. She choose to work with KMG Consultants for her internship because she enjoyed the laid back yet serious atmosphere. She also liked that she and the team had fun and got along really well. In the office, she is known as the Keurig queen. Her passions include shopping and volleyball.

Bailey plans to keep outperforming for our firm and learning as much as possible while she continues her internship. She is starting to learn how to talent scout and on-board new team members along with learning how to train. She aims to personally train and develop at least one new team member before her internship ends. She aims to continue gaining her degree in Economics and achieve a 4.0.


Earning the Trust of Your Team at Work

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As a leader in the workplace, it can be hard to remember how important it is to build trust with your team members, especially during busy times. However, trust is the key to successful relationships at work; if you can’t trust your employees, and they can’t trust you, there is undoubtedly going to be conflict. If your employees trust you, then they will support your decisions and will feel that the choices you make are in their best interest. They will be happy, feel appreciated, and ready to work hard.

If you are looking to build trust as a leader at work, here are a few tips to get you started:

Share Knowledge

Sharing informative articles you come across, ideas, and past experiences with your employees is important. Good leaders produce even greater ones because they are able to pass on their experiences and knowledge. Giving your team advice and mentoring them will not only benefit them, but you as well. Sharing knowledge will show that you care about their success and will ultimately build trust.

Be Honest

Always be honest with your employees, even if it’s about something they don’t want to hear. Finding out that you were dishonest with them will completely break the trust in your relationship. Always remember to only make promises that can keep, and to be transparent whenever possible.

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Show Genuine Interest in Your Employees

Asking how their weekend was or what they do outside of work will prove to your employees that you genuinely care about them. Employees are much more likely to trust a leader who is nice and friendly as opposed to one that appears cold and distant. Maintaining a level of professionalism while finding appropriate times to inquire about more personal things will help foster trust.

Don’t Place Blame

Small mistakes are going to be made here and there, and how you respond to these mistakes is important. Pointing fingers at someone or aggressively singling out an employee for something small is not the answer. Take the person at fault aside, discuss what can be done better next time, and move on. Handling mistakes in this way will encourage your employees to be honest with you, instead of afraid of your reaction when goals are not met or errors occur.

Benefits of Team Building Exercises

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Most of the time, employees like to stay clear away from team building exercises. These can be seen as a chore, or a way to force friendships that aren’t genuine. Helping the team come together is a big challenge at first, but with a strong effort to foster teamwork, bonds can start to be made. This will only lead to trust among employees becoming the center point of the business.

Gets People Comfortable with Others

When workers can learn more about their peers and what they are about, they will feel more comfortable working alongside them. Being comfortable is not just a bonus; it’s essential for teamwork and trust to exist within the office. Team building exercises won’t solve all problems, but they are definitely a way to get people to open themselves up to the rest of the group.

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Improves Confidence

By having your workers participate in team building exercises, they will in turn start to become more willing to open themselves to strangers. Team building includes putting your trust in other people. This is what confidence is based off of. For the sales industry, confidence is required if you want to sell successfully.

Increases Productivity

When it comes to team building exercises, an emphasis should be put on the word exercise. These kinds of activities will force employees to get out of their chair and get active. This will then increase activity. Breaking the ice between employees will also allow them to interact, and support each other when they get suck. This in turn will only do good things.

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Fosters Creativity

Exercises that promote team building also promote creativity. Employees will become more comfortable with expressing their ideas, and not be afraid of failure or getting shot down. This creativity is the perfect fuel to getting your sales people to be successful, and build teamwork that can last.

Creating a Sales Playbook

KMG Consultants Sales Playbook
KMG Consultants Sales Playbook

Being prepared and having a plan is advantageous whenever you’re put in a tight spot. For salespeople, a sales playbook can give an idea of the next move whenever a key moment comes up during a sale. A sales playbook can increase total sales, give advice to new salespeople, and also increase the size of a deal. Overall, sales playbooks are a collection of sales processes that the organization uses to close business. At KMG Consultants, we understand that creating a sales playbook can absolutely be worthwhile.

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