KMG Consultants Meet The Team- Xavier Fust

xavier-fust-kmg-consultants-incKMG Consultants Inc, a marketing and sales firm located in Roseville, Minnesota, we believe that our ability to work as a team will help the company and our team achieve professional and personal goals. Each member in the office works closely together and in this atmosphere created by the team, each member has the opportunity to step up and lead. We take a moment each month to recognize one person who decides to go the extra mile and give them recognition. This month Xavier Fust has earned this feature.

Xavier is a Minneapolis native who attended Totino-Grace Highschool and then attended Gustavus Adolphus College where he majored in Business Management. Once Xavier graduated, he looked to gain experience where he landed a corporate job. After working there for 14 months, he was looking for something different. After interviewing at KMG Consultants Inc., Xavier liked the opportunities at the company and joined the team. He liked that the company gives him the opportunity to gain skills in leadership and that he has the opportunity to develop his own team. In that, he aims to help KMG Consultants Inc. grow the team to help end the 2016 year strong. We also are excited to have his help in a 2017 office expansion.



KMG Consultants Meet the Team- Jason Spars

jason-spars-kmg-consultants-incK.M.G. Consultants, Inc. works with one of the largest online office supply retailers and is based in Roseville, MN.  Based on our client’s investment and growth expectation, we are focused on developing our team members, both professionally and personally.  Our goal is to help our staff gain not only sales and customer service experience, but the leadership and management skills that will allow for advancement in the industry.  It’s with this responsibility that having members of our team willing to step into leadership roles are crucial. Each month, the management team at K.M.G. Consultants, Inc. celebrates the members of our team who step up in “Meet the Team.” For October, the company is featuring Jason Spars!

Jason, who is a recent addition to the K.M.G. Consultants Inc. personally recruited by Leah Iverson, leadership team, has a background in restaurant and catering management. Being able to work in a fast paced environment combined with his experience in training others proved useful when he moved into sales and K.M.G. Consultants Inc. management development program. Jason is focusing on developing the new comers to the office. For November, Jason aims to have 2 of the company’s entry level account managers earn their first promotion in the Management Development program. He also aims to aide Sam, K.M.G. Consultants Inc.’s president, in building and maintaining every team member’s consistency and performance using metrics the company defines as the trend. Jason wants to dominate the northern markets and is working towards opening an office in Minneapolis in the next year.

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Meet The Team-Angie Jo Lockwood

img_2782Every month, the leadership at KMG Consultants Inc. selects one of our peers to feature in “Meet the Team”. For the month of October, Angie Jo Lockwood receives the honor. Angie has been featured on the client’s top 50 club multiple times and also was the KMG Top Rep in August.

Angie joined the only just this summer and has already made an immense impact on the team. Before joining KMG Consultants Inc, Angie worked in both the restaurant and medical fields. She was able to channel her experience from both industries to quickly learn the ins and outs of being successful at KMG Consultants. The inviting atmosphere and opportunity to grow and lead as a business professional drew her starting her career at KMG Consultants. She was able to move quickly through the Leadership Development Program and has also become an integral part of the training team. In the next month, Angie plans to mentor and on board two account executives and also aims to top the client’s top 50 club before the year ends. She is also committed to helping KMG Consultants Inc. expand to three new locations by 2018.

“I love how hard we work and how we constantly motivate each other. The job is not easy but the people that we work with make it worth it. Compassion, brutal honesty, and resilience is why I love KMG!”

-Angie Jo Lockwood

Angie studied and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Catherine University. She has a passion for child care and one of her long term goals is to open a clinic for foster children. Before joining the KMG Consultants team, Angie was a yoga instructor. 

The Benefits of Meditation When Stressed at Work

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We are KMG Consultants, a business consulting firm based in Southfield, MI.

Very few alternative health practices get as much attention as meditation. It’s been a fairly mainstream practice for decades now, and doesn’t show any sign of stopping. So what is it about this ancient religious technique that makes it so popular in modern times? The answer to that is clear. Contemporary times are becoming increasingly demanding, busy, and stressful making us desperate for relaxation and relief.

That’s exactly what meditation provides, in addition to wellbeing, concentration, and a host of other benefits. So if you’re stressed at work, as so many of us are, it might be worth it to try this popular and ancient practice for yourself. Let’s take a look at the types of meditation and the benefits of meditation when stressed at work:

Common Types of Meditation

Transcendental meditation is the process of achieving a unique state of consciousness by meditating with a repeated mantra, and allowing your mind to drift to a state of calm and deep relaxation. This method is sometimes led by an instructor and may require some time to learn. Mindfulness meditation is a relatively simple form that involves concentrating on your breathing and disconnecting yourself from the thoughts that pass through your mind. Mindfulness can lead to a relaxed state of wellbeing.

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Meditation for Reducing Stress at Work

It’s common to get stressed out at work. Constant deadlines, important meetings, performance reviews, meeting quotas—the list goes on and on. Work is stressful for many, many people. Rarely do we ever get relief from the daily demands at work that bleed into the rest of our lives and keep us up at night. If you identify with any of the above sentiments, it might be time to try meditation for yourself and join the many who swear by it for relaxation and happiness.

Meditation can be done at any time. You don’t need to set aside hours of silent time. You can try simple meditation just about anywhere, whether you’re sitting at your desk, riding in a car, walking, or whatever else. You just need to learn the techniques and then practice them daily.

You will reduce work-related stress by allowing yourself to exist in the present. So much of our stress is worrying about the future or trudging over past events, so meditating will bring you into the present and reduce the burden of events outside of your control.

In addition, meditating will reduce stress by neutralizing negative emotions. Negativity keeps us from being happy when it’s all we think about, and amplifies stress up to unnecessary and unhealthy levels. Meditate, and begin to let the negativity go, and let goodness and calm feelings become your state of mind.

The relaxing and mood-altering benefits of meditation can do wonders for your life if you’re stressed at work. You owe it to yourself, your coworkers, your boss, and your family to reduce your levels of stress.

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Earning the Trust of Your Team at Work

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As a leader in the workplace, it can be hard to remember how important it is to build trust with your team members, especially during busy times. However, trust is the key to successful relationships at work; if you can’t trust your employees, and they can’t trust you, there is undoubtedly going to be conflict. If your employees trust you, then they will support your decisions and will feel that the choices you make are in their best interest. They will be happy, feel appreciated, and ready to work hard.

If you are looking to build trust as a leader at work, here are a few tips to get you started:

Share Knowledge

Sharing informative articles you come across, ideas, and past experiences with your employees is important. Good leaders produce even greater ones because they are able to pass on their experiences and knowledge. Giving your team advice and mentoring them will not only benefit them, but you as well. Sharing knowledge will show that you care about their success and will ultimately build trust.

Be Honest

Always be honest with your employees, even if it’s about something they don’t want to hear. Finding out that you were dishonest with them will completely break the trust in your relationship. Always remember to only make promises that can keep, and to be transparent whenever possible.

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Show Genuine Interest in Your Employees

Asking how their weekend was or what they do outside of work will prove to your employees that you genuinely care about them. Employees are much more likely to trust a leader who is nice and friendly as opposed to one that appears cold and distant. Maintaining a level of professionalism while finding appropriate times to inquire about more personal things will help foster trust.

Don’t Place Blame

Small mistakes are going to be made here and there, and how you respond to these mistakes is important. Pointing fingers at someone or aggressively singling out an employee for something small is not the answer. Take the person at fault aside, discuss what can be done better next time, and move on. Handling mistakes in this way will encourage your employees to be honest with you, instead of afraid of your reaction when goals are not met or errors occur.

Making a Good Impression on Your New Boss and Co-Workers

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We are KMG Consultants, a business consulting and sales company located in Southfield, MI.

Starting a new job? While it’s important to leave a positive impression on everyone at the office, your boss is the most important of the bunch.

“I think the early days are when your boss and colleagues form the most lasting impressions about you,” observes Ann Marie Russell, a phycology grab from University of Massachusetts and a program coordinator with AmeriCorps. “This is when they make assessments about your ‘typical’ behavior — the ‘type’ of person you are.”

Put your nerves aside and focus on these strategies and steps to make a great first impression.

Stay Professional

Show up on time to work and in meetings, dress appropriately, keep your desk clean, etc.

Be Confident

Regardless of experience, most people are nervous on their first day of work. Bosses like people who seem confident and know what they are talking about—or are eager to learn. Even if you don’t feel confident, act confident. No one is going to listen to an idea presented by someone who doesn’t sound sure of themselves.

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Have a Positive Attitude

Along with being confident, having a positive attitude is equally as important. Whether the day is going great or horribly wrong, staying positive is important.

Ask Questions

Starting a new job automatically means you won’t know everything about the position and workplace, so asking questions is key. Sometimes new employees avoid asking questions because they fear looking stupid, but most supervisors would rather an employee ask a question than make a mistake later.

Learn Names Quickly

No one is going to expect a new employee to know everyone’s name on the first day, but after the first week you should be well on your way. Not only does it make communicating easier, but it also shows that you really care about your job and the people around you.

Take Notes

Whether you prefer to take notes or not, showing your boss that you care enough to write down what they are saying is important. It’s easy to forget tiny details – dates, goals, tasks – so the more you write down, the better.

Put in Full Days – Or Even Longer

Be on time, come in early, or stay a little later. There is nothing that can shatter a reputation faster than consistently coming in late (unless it’s allowed) or ducking out early all of the time. This doesn’t mean you need to work 10 hour days at your new job, but leaving right when the clock hits 5 isn’t always a good idea. Finish up the task at hand and show your boss that you’re in it for the long haul.

Bond with Your Co-Workers

Don’t be the one co-worker who always leaves as people are headed out to a movie or happy hour. It’s always a good idea to get to know your co-workers outside of the office. It doesn’t have to be a recurring thing, but every once in a while it is nice to spend time together and laugh outside of work.

Keep Your Boss Informed

Especially towards the beginning of a new job, keeping your boss informed is important. Send out emails or request meetings with your boss on a consistent basis to review performance and talk about projects. Express interest in promotions or new accounts, and be sure he or she knows you are a self-starter. Be cautious of taking up too much of your supervisor’s time, however – check-ins are good, but hand-holding is not.