Benefits of Team Building Exercises

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Most of the time, employees like to stay clear away from team building exercises. These can be seen as a chore, or a way to force friendships that aren’t genuine. Helping the team come together is a big challenge at first, but with a strong effort to foster teamwork, bonds can start to be made. This will only lead to trust among employees becoming the center point of the business.

Gets People Comfortable with Others

When workers can learn more about their peers and what they are about, they will feel more comfortable working alongside them. Being comfortable is not just a bonus; it’s essential for teamwork and trust to exist within the office. Team building exercises won’t solve all problems, but they are definitely a way to get people to open themselves up to the rest of the group.

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Improves Confidence

By having your workers participate in team building exercises, they will in turn start to become more willing to open themselves to strangers. Team building includes putting your trust in other people. This is what confidence is based off of. For the sales industry, confidence is required if you want to sell successfully.

Increases Productivity

When it comes to team building exercises, an emphasis should be put on the word exercise. These kinds of activities will force employees to get out of their chair and get active. This will then increase activity. Breaking the ice between employees will also allow them to interact, and support each other when they get suck. This in turn will only do good things.

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Fosters Creativity

Exercises that promote team building also promote creativity. Employees will become more comfortable with expressing their ideas, and not be afraid of failure or getting shot down. This creativity is the perfect fuel to getting your sales people to be successful, and build teamwork that can last.


Get Busy With It – 3 Music Tips for Focus

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Many studies have suggested that music can help boost everything from productivity to special-temporal reasoning to problem-solving skills. Of course, whether or not music can help someone get work done depends largely on they type of work being done and the individual. Someone that needs absolute silence to think probably won’t benefit from listening to music while working, but for the rest, there are some really great options available for boosting focus:


Often touted for its ability to improve mood, productivity, special-temporal reasoning, the ability to think long term, and more, classical music might be just what some people need to get through the day. You can find a wide variety of classical music for free online from sources like Wikipedia, Musopen, and Pandora. If you want to mix things up, try listening to modern groups like Vitamin String Quartet, which covers popular songs in a classical way.

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Electronic / Ambient

Ambient music can be great for those who want to try listening to music but get distracted easily. Designed to play in the background but not really draw your attention, ambient music can still give your brain all the positive benefits of music without pulling you away from the task at hand. Some of the most popular ambient/chillout albums include Ambient 1: Music for Airports, Play by Moby, Curious Liquid by Weatherman, Moon Safari by Air, Protection by Massive Attack, and Simple Things by Zero 7. If you just want to stream, check out streams such as Groove Salad, Drone Zone, and Secret Agent. Digitally Imported is also a great resource.

Colored Noise

Have you ever noticed how a bustling coffee shop, with all its background noise, can actually help you focus on tasks? If so, colored noise might be just what you need. Noise generators can help mask distracting sounds in the office—phone calls, chatting coworkers, outside noise—by making a more soothing background sound more prominent. There are a number of helpful apps and websites, such as Coffeeivity, Rainy Café, and Chatterblocker, which imitate the noises you might hear in certain environments (a coffee shop, for example). You can also try out SimplyNoise, which creates a more generic noise pattern.

3 Action Steps to Energize Your Marketing Strategy

Ken Sethney [marketing coach]

All too often, sales and marketing people have different objectives. If they do, they can spend more time bickering than creating bottom line results. Or worse, they just go their separate ways.

If you want to find out if your sales and marketing people are working together, send them a simple questionnaire. Make sure a copy goes to every sales rep, manager and executive. Send it to every person in the marketing department and the people at your ad agency, design studio or public relations firm.

Ask them this: “In fifty words or less, who is our ideal customer?” The answers will be revealing.

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