Creating a Sales Playbook

KMG Consultants Sales Playbook
KMG Consultants Sales Playbook

Being prepared and having a plan is advantageous whenever you’re put in a tight spot. For salespeople, a sales playbook can give an idea of the next move whenever a key moment comes up during a sale. A sales playbook can increase total sales, give advice to new salespeople, and also increase the size of a deal. Overall, sales playbooks are a collection of sales processes that the organization uses to close business. At KMG Consultants, we understand that creating a sales playbook can absolutely be worthwhile.

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Boosting Office Morale

KMG Consultants Office Morale
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There’s comes a point during the year when employees might not be in the best mood. Maybe it’s the blossoming of spring, when your employees would rather be outside than in the office. It might even be during dreaded yearly performance reviews. Whatever the case, its important to take improving office morale seriously. Employees that drag themselves to work are detrimental to business. A happier team means more success. Here are a few tips to raising office morale:

Praise Where Praise is Due

Receiving a compliment can mean the world to a person that isn’t feeling too good about the day. Simply telling someone that they’re doing a great job at work can make their day. When employees know they are appreciated, they can be more focused and comfortable in the workplace. Office morale can rise by a manager merely complimenting their team.

Hold A Motivation Meeting

If an office starts to look like they’re in the dumps, calling an emergency meeting can help tenfold. This is a place for people to get back into work mode, and be motivated to succeed. A motivation meeting can allow everyone to voice his or her opinion, and how morale can be increased. The manager should give a talk that can reach his or her employees’ attention. The office family is something that should never be weakened, and through motivational meetings, it can be stronger than ever.

Make the Office Fun

Change the way the office operates from time to time. Small suggestions like casual dress Fridays or weekly raffle prizes can be great. Team nights out after work can make the team happier, and help people to get to know each other. If a holiday is coming up, throw a themed party with a potluck. Morale is all based around involvement and environment. If you can get your team to participate more in other things besides work, they will in turn be happier.

Build Trust

Having a transparent company means being straight with your employees. When the team feels like they aren’t getting the full story of the current state of the company, they can start to suspect the manager’s motivation. It’s easy for them to not be motivated, and this should be kept in mind. Trust is very important when it comes to an office.

Don’t Let Work be the “Worst”

Enjoying work can be a problem to many. Small things you could do to make work better include making the office more comfortable with couches and pillows, or better lighting to get things done. Temperature should also be kept at a comfortable level. An employee that dreads coming to work is not good for the company at all.

Lead By Example

Your employees look to you to how to deal with most situations. Having the right work attitude every day will rub off on employees. They look to you to understand how to approach difficult challenges, as well as see the master place. As a manager, make your team’s morale a high priority. If you enjoy work as a manager they can see that they too can enjoy work if they try.

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Handling Performance Reviews

KMG Consultants Performance Review

No one ever looks forward to performance reviews. People get anxious hearing someone tell them what they did right and wrong. A performance review can give you a lot of insight on things you do well, and things you can work on. Try not to dread them; a performance review can give you insight on how you do at work that you’ve never noticed before.

As you walk into your boss’s office, be confident. Never sweat that your boss is out to get you. They have a genuine interest in how you are doing; if you succeed, they do too. It’s important to remember that you should never argue against a point that you manager makes. This isn’t a courtroom; it’s about your role and how your have done in the boss’s eyes. They want to help you, not just criticize you. After the review, you should have a clear picture of how you did the last year, and what you’re expected to do going forward.

People get anxiety from having a bad performance review. View it as a warning that you aren’t living up to expectations, but this isn’t the end. Make an effort to clear the air with your boss and let them know that you’re serious about improving. Get some direction from them on how you can do better. Constructive feedback from your boss as well as your peers will ensure you never get another bad performance review again. Finally, set a plan that you can follow to make sure your next performance is up to snub. There’s nothing better than seeing someone take the initiative to improve for the better.

For managers, performance reviews can become tedious if you schedule them right after one another. Space them out to avoid being burnt out. Beginning each session with the employee’s past goals will set the tone that you are only reviewing what they have promised to do. If they don’t have goals, make it clear that they need to make some. It wouldn’t hurt either to get some feedback on how your management style is working. If an employee is doing great, always provide something they can work on to become even better. This isn’t just a place to say they’re doing everything right; it’s a moment to open their eyes to see how to be the best.

Ability and motivation is key to performance in our professional lives. A performance review provides a moment for managers and their employees to be in full communication. Give hour performance your best effort, and if you get negative performance review, make an effort to enhance it. With this in mind, a performance review will never give you a worry.

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Common Myths About Sales

KMG Consultants Sales Myths
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Choosing sales as a career come many pre-thought notions. Myths about sales are prevalent, and usually they associate sales with negativity. Working as a salesperson has many benefits to professional and personal lives. There are tons of new things to learn by becoming a salesperson.. Here are three commons myths about sales that don’t have much merit.

“Sales is a game of numbers.”

Everyone wants to make money with solid numbers, but statistics are never the whole story of a business. It doesn’t matter how many calls you make, how many prospects you talk to, or how much email outreach you do a day. What should be important is the quality of service that your company offers. Sales are built around goals that salespeople make and try to meet through hard work and effort. As long as a winning strategy is used, and the most effort from the whole team, then the numbers will fall into place on their own.

“Previous experience in sales is required for a job.”

Any kind of professional experience will always be valuable when entering into a new job. However, being newly introduced into the sales industry can be an added bonus for management as well. Knowledge of sales takes away a lot of the learning curve and could affect the way you learn to get used to the new role and company. You could also bring along pre-conceived notions that your company does not follow. Experience and no experience at all have their benefits. Research the job title you are fulfilling to see if it is suitable for your experience level.

“Sales has an expiration date as a career.”

Many of the company managers and entrepreneurs in America once worked in the sales industry. They did everything that people in lower-tier positions have to do to rise up: cold calls, product demonstrations, and rejection. Sales is far from a dead-end career. Many firms, including KMG Consultants, hire from within, hoping that a new hire will one day be trained into a management role. The opportunities that a sales career can give you are not limited, and although its widely assumed that they don’t, they can lead you to higher places in a career.